WARRIOR – Fighting For the Earth – Full Album


I almost didn’t include Fighting For the Earth on this site. Warrior wasn’t technically a Christian band. They were on a secular label, they never toured as a Christian band, and they never marketed themselves as a Christian band.

But their lyrics definitely have Christian undertones, often visiting the ancient theme of Good vs. Evil. In fact, their lyrics often feel more Christian than some of the prominent so-called “Christian” bands of the 1990s and 2000s. So whatever… whether the band members were Christian or not, it sure seems that their lyricist was sympathetic to the cause.

But put all of that aside for a moment. More than anything, Fighting For the Earth RULES! Scour the web for reviews about this 1985 album and you’ll read time and time again how much people love it and how totally underrated it is. Often compared to metal bands like Armored Saint, Crimson Glory, Warlord, Vicious Rumors, and Leatherwolf, I would say that Warrior achieved the sound (and production qualities) that would have sounded VERY good on the 80s Christian band, Saint.

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If you’d like to add Fighting For the Earth to your personal collection, the CD has been remastered and it (along with MP3s and Vinyl) is available on this Amazon page.

Warrior - Fighting for the Earth

Fighting For the Earth SONGS:

1. Fighting for the Earth
2. Only the Strong Survive
3. Ruler
4. Mind Over Matter
5. Defenders of Creation
6. Day of the Evil… (Beware)
7. Cold Fire
8. PTM 1
9. Welcome Aboard