TRYTAN – Sylentiger – [Remastered] – Full Album


Released in 1990, Sylentiger was Trytan’s second, and last, studio recording. It was a bit harder and more aggressive than the first release, Celestial Messenger. The lyrics are excellent and many of the songs are so memorable the choruses stick with you for days.

I’ve always loved Sylentiger immensely, and have particularly enjoyed Larry Dean’s unique, high pitched vocals. For me, the most memorable moments are those in which Dean’s vocals soar to feverish heights beyond the stratosphere. Such moments are plentiful, and are executed with a unique passion that I find quite appealing.

But Sylentiger wasn’t without its problems… The album was originally mixed with so much emphasis on the high end frequencies, it literally hurt my ears to listen to it. So much so that I went 4 or 5 years without ever playing it. After such a long hiatus I finally decided to remaster the recording entirely, and this video contains my 2015 remastered version.


I’m just a fan. Not a sound engineer. I don’t have access to the original masters or anything like that. I’m just a fan.

So this remaster was made by ripping WAV files from the original 25 year old R.E.X. CD and running each song through the 20 Band EQ inside Sony’s Sound Forge Audio Studio software. This is probably the WORST way to remaster anything, because as you tinker with one frequency over here you’re introducing new problems over there. In short, it would have been MUCH better if I could have accessed the original individual tracks and isolated each instrument properly.

Anyway, my goal was to tame the ear-splitting highs and emphasize the mids and lows. I have accomplished that, but I will be the first to admit that my work is imperfect. By pulling back the highs (7.5K and above) I have reduced the sonic atmosphere, which is not ideal. But it’s a fine balance. I also had difficulty making the vocals sound good and full without making the guitars sound like they were underwater. And I may have pumped up the bass too much in places, which is surprising, because the original recording seemed to have no bass at all.

One last note… My current setup is not conducive to using audiophile grade loud speakers. Instead, I’m stuck using a set of Grado SR125 headphones. They are SUPERB headphones, with a rich, full audiophile-grade sound, but it would have been much better if I could have used studio grade monitor speakers. This is the main reason I fear that I may have pumped the bass too much. No matter how good my headphones are, I just had to guess at the appropriate bass levels (below 225Hz).

But the bottom line is that this Sylentiger remaster is MUCH more listenable for me than the original R.E.X. recording – especially on headphones. So even if nobody else likes it, at least I can enjoy this album again without getting ear and head aches.

For posterity’s sake, I’ve also posted the original, unedited version of Sylentiger on YouTube.

What do you think of Trytan and Sylentiger? Is my remaster an improvement, or do you hate it? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

If you’d like to add Sylentiger to your personal collection, a few copies of the CD are available on this Amazon page.

Trytan - Sylentiger

“Sylentiger” SONGS:

1. Take Cover
2. Deadly Masquerade
3. Beyond The Night
4. Star Bound
5. Make Your Move
6. Sylentiger
7. Here To Stay
8. Playing With Fire
9. Life Goes On
10. Waking The Giant
11. By My Spirit