TRYTAN – Celestial Messenger – Full Album


Often compared to mainstream progressive metal powerhouse RUSH, Trytan was an early Christian metal band from Chicago, IL.

Released in 1987 on R.E.X. Records, Celestial Messenger was Trytan’s debut album. It carried a traditional hair/glam metal sound, but since Larry Dean’s lead vocals sounded so much like Geddy Lee from RUSH, Trytan was immediately thrust into the “progressive metal” niche.

Celestial Messenger showcased reasonable production quality for 1987, not great, but not terrible either. To my ears it was mixed 100 times better than their follow up 1990 album, Sylentiger, which was entirely unlistenable due to its extreme (and inhumane) emphasis on the high end frequencies. That said, I would love to see both of these albums professionally remastered and reissued. They both could use a fresh coat of paint.

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Trytan - Celestial Messenger

“Celestial Messenger” SONGS:

1. Gettin’ Ready
2. Don’t Turn Away
3. Mr. Electric
4. It’s War
5. Rip Van Winkle
6. Chains
7. Nowhere to Run
8. Genesis
9. In Her Eyes
10. The Grinch
11. To Be Free