TREASURE SEEKER – A Tribute To The Past – Full Album


Treasure Seeker was a short-lived collaboration of talented musicians from the bands, Seventh Avenue, Lightmare, and Chryztyne. Their only project, A Tribute To The Past, was an epic tribute to some of the greatest Christian Metal bands of all time. Featuring cover songs from Saint, Stryper, Bloodgood, Bride, Jersualem, and more, the album featured aggressive guitars, pulse-pounding percussion and bass, and outstanding vocals.

The album is not perfect, but it’s FAR from karaoke. Each song is handled with respect and is executed with satisfying intensity. Overall, these guys left us with an amazing tribute album that does exactly what a tribute is supposed to do… make the listener fall in love with the original songs all over again.

Unfortunately it went out of print before anyone even knew it existed. Of all my metal friends, I think I’m the only one who ever saw it for sale and bought it.

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If you’d like to add A Tribute to the Past to your collection, VERY few copies are available on this Amazon page.

Treasure Seeker - A Tribute to the Past

“A Tribute to the Past” SONGS:

1. A Tribute to the Past — (new, original)
2. Too Late For Living — (original: Saint)
3. To Hell With The Devil — (original: Stryper)
4. Flames Of Fire — (original: Leviticus)
5. Out Of The Darkness — (original: Bloodgood )
6. Silence Screams — (original: Rez )
7. Rebels Of Jesus Christ — (original: Jerusalem)
8. Warrior Of Light — (original: Force 3)
9. Heroes — (original: Bride)
10. Meet Again — (original: Creed)