THEOCRACY – Self-Titled – Full Album – (Remastered)


Theocracy was the brainchild of Matt Smith, a multi-talented musician from Athens, Georgia. Smith’s 2003 self-titled debut was a power metal project featuring high quality songwriting, huge choir-like vocal melodies, catchy choruses, and symphonic keyboards. It was a grand scaled project of such quality that any young band would be proud to call it their own.

But in 2002-2003 Theocracy wasn’t a band per se. It was a one man show! Smith handled everything himself. Songwriting, lead and choir vocals, rhythm, lead, acoustic and bass guitar, keyboards, orchestration, drum programming – it was ALL Smith!

The album wasn’t perfect. It suffered in two main areas… In a genre that demands stellar production values, Theocracy was just so-so. And Smith chose to use electronic drum machine instead of real drums.

So in 2013 – a decade after the original release – Smith decided to re-record the drums and completely remaster the project. Fans were ecstatic and eager to hear the album anew.

The reviewer at summed up the 2013 Remaster nicely:

Production comes across in the brighter, crisper and all around cleaner manner. Specifically, the re-issue proves heavier with its emphasis on better-defined rhythm guitars that helps give the project an added metal-based feel. Keyboards stand out further in the backdrop as well. Second, the work of Shaw Benson on drums makes a decisive difference from how he lends greater punch and presence to the low-end and kicks up the tempo in the process. It cannot be understated the technical presence a real drummer brings to the table – listen closely and you will find fills and rolls, cymbals and kick drum not present on the original. Source

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Theocracy - Self Titled

“Theocracy” SONGS:

1. Prelude
2. Ichthus
3. The Serpent’s Kiss
4. Mountain
5. Theocracy
6. The Healing Hand
7. Sinner
8. New Jerusalem
9. The Victory Dance
10. Twist of Fate