THE BRAVE – Battle Cries – Full Album


In the late 1980s and early 1990s it seemed as if the Elefante brothers, John & Dino, OWNED the Christian Rock scene. Every big, glammy record of the day seemed to have their names (and BGVs) plastered all over it. While that eventually became predictable (and a little boring) at least they were producing some GREAT music all along the way.

The Brave’s debut album, Battle Cries is a classic example. The record is an AOR masterpiece with lots of stratospheric vocal harmonies, sizzling guitar solos, and choruses so memorable, you’ll never, ever get them out of your head.

Often compared to other bands like Giant, Def Leppard, and every other act on Pakaderm records, The Brave stood on their own. They developed their own melodic sound that was immediately recognizable. And after only two albums they had earned 7 Top 10 CCM singles.

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The Brave – Battle Cries

“Battle Cries” SONGS:

1. All Together Now
2. The Waiting
3. If That Ain’t Love
4. Running All My Life
5. Tears of a Broken Heart
6. Little Love
7. Never Live Without Your Love
8. Big World
9. Ride With Rhythm
10. Just a Man
11. All Together Now (studio mix)
12. Running All My Life (studio mix)