STRYPER – Reborn – Full Album HD


Reborn was the sixth studio release from Stryper, and this video contains the entire album in HD quality.

Reborn was released in 2005 and was Stryper’s first studio album in 15 years. While it was a radical departure from their earlier glam metal projects, the band retained their most important trademark qualities – blatant Christian lyrics, searing guitar riffs, great vocal harmonies, and excellent production values. But new to the mix on Reborn was a decidedly modern, grungy twist that tempered the gloss and glitz. Most fans and reviewers agreed that Reborn was Stryper’s most mature project to date.

Interestingly, “I.G.W.T.” was a modern remake of the band’s previous hit “In God We Trust” from the album of the same name.

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Stryper - Reborn

“Reborn” SONGS:

1. Open Your Eyes
2. Reborn
3. When Did I See You Cry
4. Make You Mine
5. Passion
6. Live Again
7. If I Die
8. Wait for You
9. Rain
10. 10,000 Years
11. I.G.W.T.