STRYPER – Against the Law – Full Album


This is Stryper’s fifth album – in its entirety. Released in 1990, Against the Law marked a radical departure from Stryper’s earlier works. The band traded their yellow and black spandex for black leather. They also traded their overtly in-your-face Christian lyrics for more mainstream themes – a change evident in the title of the album itself.

These changes caused controversy and disappointed many of Stryper’s more evangelical fans. Secular fans were just as unenthusiastic, and the album failed to attract masses of new listeners.

Interestingly, many critics agreed that Against the Law was the band’s most accomplished musical production. But the hard music scene was shifting to grunge, Nirvana was the new rage, and like so many other 80s hair metal bands, Stryper struggled to stay relevant. As a result, sales fell dramatically.

But now, 25+ years later, Against the Law sounds better than ever. It’s beefier than Stryper’s earlier projects, it displays a more diverse creativity, and to my ears, it holds up surprisingly well.

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Stryper - Against the Law

“Against the Law” SONGS:

1. Against the Law
2. Two Time Woman
3. Rock the People
4. Two Bodies (One Mind One Soul)
5. Not That Kind of Guy
6. Shining Star
7. Ordinary Man
8. Lady
9. Caught in the Middle
10. All for One
11. Rock the Hell Out of You