Scandinavian Metal Praise is a female fronted worship band from Finland. And yes, Scandinavian Metal Praise is actually the name of the band.

The album is characterized by solid performances throughout. The unnamed female vocalist (unnamed because the band chose not to include any member credits for the album) shines from the first song to the last. The guitar player provides plenty of driving riffs and a meaty rhythm guitar, but the album offers little to no guitar solos. Add to that an accomplished drum section and just the right amount of keyboards, and Scandinavian Metal Praise is an enjoyable experience from front to back.

The band took six years to record this debut album, and released it in 2008. As I write this, in the final months of 2015, it seems the band is (sadly) well behind schedule for a follow-up.

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Scandanavian Metal Praise

“Scandinavian Metal Praise” SONGS:

1. Great In Power
2. When The Spirit Of The Lord
3. Praise Adonai
4. Worthy Is The Lamb
5. Wonderful God
6. Take Me In
7. We Sing Alleluia
8. Holy King
9. Laulu Suomelle