SACRED WARRIOR – Sinking Sand – Music Video


In 2013 Sacred Warrior roared back on to the Christian metal scene with their first studio album in 21 years. Titled Waiting in Darkness, the album deals with strong themes of demons and spiritual warfare.

Fans and critics agree that the new album is probably the heaviest (and best) material the band has ever produced.

This track, called “Sinking Sand,” is an indictment and warning to those who have forsaken their Christian faith for other faiths and/or world views.

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The CD can be purchased directly from the band here:

Sacred Warrior - Sinking Sand

“Sinking Sand” LYRICS:

The devil and his so-called friends
Deceived to think they understand
This is not a new philosophy
All roads lead to God is ancient heresy

Your faith is sinking sand
Watch it slipping through your hands
You’ve made yourself the deity
In the end you’re in misery

Religion feeds the moral code
But it cannot save the eternal soul
Was Christ a fool to be crucified,
If works could be the perfect sacrifice?

You tasted the good things of God
Then walked away with a bitter heart
You mock the name you once sang with praise
In vain you scoff at the gift of grace

In darkness you live and have no shame
Blasphemy runs through your every vein
Your words are thorns in a futile fight
To end with a curse your eternal life