RAGE OF ANGELS – Self Titled – Full Album


Rage of Angels is a spectacular Christian Metal release from 1989. Released on Regency records, this Glam Metal project features aggressive axe work, soaring vocals, and contageous hooks. Rage of Angels is the kind of album that gets stuck in your head and stays there for days.

Unfortunately, the band broke up before the record was even released, and there was no tour to support the project. So the record went nowhere.

Two Rage of Angels members, Frank DiCostanzo (guitar) and John Fowler (drums), went on to join the band Steelheart. And lead singer, Dan Mariano, formed a band called Pyn Siren.

If you’d like to add Rage of Angels to your collection, the CD can be purchased on this Amazon page.

Rage of Angels CD

“Rage of Angels” SONGS:

1 – Leave You Or Forsake You
2 – Reason To Rock
3 – It’s Not Late For Love
4 – Somebody’s Watching You
5 – Hooked On A Good Thing
6 – Do You Still Believe In Love
7 – Rock For The Rock
8 – Are You Ready For Thunder
9 – Don’t Give Up