MESSIAH PROPHET – Rock The Flock – Full Album


In 1984, Christian Metal was just getting started. In that year Stryper released their first e.p. The Yellow and Black Attack, Saint debuted with Warriors of the Son and Messiah Prophet entered the arena with Rock The Flock. Sure there were lots of Christian Rock bands dating back to the late 1960s and 1970s, but the big, brash bombast of 1980s-style metal was new, and only a handful of bands were doing it full force in 1984. So records like these went on to influence and inspire dozens of up and coming Christian metal bands.

All of that makes Messiah Prophet and Rock The Flock special. Was it perfect? No. It’s lacking in several areas, but it is a piece of Christian Metal history, and after all these years, it sounds fantastic to me. The lyrics are straight forward and very evangelical in nature, which for an old-school guy like me, is a good thing. The vocals are front and center and are supported by walls of guitars and drums. Make no mistake… with Messiah Prophet, the message comes first.

Rock The Flock is a formidable early 80s debut for a beloved band. They followed it two years later with the iconic record, Master of the Metal. I only wish we’d heard much, much more from them over the years.

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Messiah Prophet – Rock the Rlock

“Rock The Flock” SONGS:

1. Rock The Flock
2. Labor Of Love
3. Try To Understand
4. Travel The Rough Road
5. Why Must You Run?
6. To The Rock
7. Answer Our Call
8. Riding Out The Storm
9. Sing