MAGDALLAN – Big Bang – Full Album


In 1992 I was the music buyer at a small Christian Bookstore in Mesa, Arizona. During a sales meeting with my Diamante Music rep, he told me about an up-and-coming project that was going to be “bigger than all of Petra’s albums combined.” Yes, that’s a quote. Of course, he was talking about Ken Tamplin & Lanny Cordola’s new collaboration called, Magdallan.

The label was certain Magdallan was going to be a huge crossover/mainstream success, so they poured tons of time and money into the project.

I was skeptical. I was familiar with Tamplin’s earlier work (and insane vocal talent), but bigger than Petra!? And with a weird name like Magdallan? I wasn’t convinced.

Then when Big Bang hit the shelves I sampled it with dozens of my rock/metal customers. And I soon knew that the sales rep was… well… wrong.

While the album is loaded with extreme talent, extreme production, and extreme creativity, there was something about it that just didn’t seem to connect. It was way too polished. Way too homogenized. And it had way too many trumpets (yes, I said TRUMPETS) for an arena rock album.

It was 1992 and dirtier, grittier discs like Bride’s Snakes in the Playground, X-Sinner’s Peace Treaty, and Holy Soldier’s Last Train were FAR more pleasing to my customer’s eardrums. So while Big Bang showcases some ridiculously amazing talent and experimentation, I’m still waiting for it to outsell Petra.

I should note that there are several bright moments on Big Bang. “Radio Bikini,” “Wounded Hearts,” “House of Dreams,” “Cry Just a Little” and “Love to the Rescue” are notable tracks. But don’t let me sway you; listen for yourself and let me know what YOU think! Drop your thoughts in the comments section below.

If you’d like to add Big Bang to your collection, MP3s and CDs are available on this Amazon page.

Magdallan - Big Bang

“Big Bang” SONGS:

1. End of the Ages
2. Radio Bikini
3. Shake
4. Wounded Hearts
5. Love to the Rescue
6. Old Hard Line
7. Dome of the Rock
8. Big Bang
9. House of Dreams
10. Cry Just a Little
11. Heartbreak Woman
12. This Is 4U
13. End of the Ages (reprise)