KING’S X – Dogman – Full Album


Dogman was the fifth studio album by American hard rock trio King’s X. It marks the band’s second album under Atlantic and their first to be produced by Brendan O’Brien, who had just come off scoring big hits with Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, and The Black Crowes. Dogman signaled a heavier direction for King’s X and, with strong approval from both critics and fans, is often considered one of their best works. [1]

While early King’s X albums were commonly laced with Christian themes regarding belief and spirituality – mostly in an uplifting manner – Dogman takes a more open and disillusioned approach to religion, as noted by a now agnostic Pinnick in a 2006 interview:

“. . .all of the records are always me questioning ‘Is this really it?’ because I grew up in a religious family all my life and I have always been going: something ain’t right here. So I have always sung about what I thought wasn’t right – my confusion and my disillusion with it. And then finally when Dogman came out I just spewed it all out. I was pissed at that point. Everybody was like: he’s not Christian anymore. Everybody got freaked out.” [2]

The album’s title track served as its primary single which had a music video. According to Doug Pinnick, “Dogman” received strong radio rotation in New York, and the band sold more records there than anywhere. However, the lack of a major single release hampered the album’s commercial success. [3]

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Kings X - Dogman

“Dogman” SONGS:

1. Dogman
2. Shoes
3. Pretend
4. Flies and Blue Skies
5. Black the Sky
6. Fool You
7. Don’t Care
8. Sunshine Rain
9. Complain
10. Human Behavior
11. Cigarettes
12. Go to Hell
13. Pillow
14. Manic Depression

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