JERUSALEM – Risen – Lyric Video


From Jerusalem’s 1994 album, Prophet comes this incredible song detailing the hope, truth, and saving grace of Jesus’ resurrection. It is an auto-biographical story of the lead singer’s (Ulf Christiansson) past, and it details his journey from darkness, depression, and drug use into the light of Jesus.

“Risen” is not as metal-ish as earlier Jerusalem tunes, but it has an infectious cadence that lingers long after the song is over. Some fans have noted a U2-style influence on the entire Prophet album.

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I absolutely love this song. It’s easily one of my favorite Christian Rock songs of all time.

If you’d like to view an inspiring LIVE version of “Risen”, I’ve posted it here.

The CD can be purchased on Amazon or directly from the band here:

Jerusalem - Risen

“Risen” LYRICS:

When I was a little boy
I had my special place to get my ice cream
And the lady at the candy store
Was always so nice to me
And when I was old enough for school
I remembered they picked on me
Because I had red hair and freckles on my face

And I always was wondering
What was behind the clouds
And if God had a house to live in
On cold winter nights (in Sweden)

He’s no longer in His grave
He is risen from the dead
He’s no longer in His grave
He is risen from the dead!

And when I was thirteen
I started to play in different bands
I tried to be the Beatles
And I didn’t do so hot in school
And I didn’t care and too much about anything
I started to use drugs
The devil he worked hard on me
But one day there was Jesus knocking on my door
Asking, “Do you wanna be be a singer in My band?”

He’s no longer in His grave
He is risen from the dead
He’s no longer in His grave
Jesus is risen from the dead!