HOLY SOLDIER – Self Titled – Full Album


In 1985 Los Angeles, California was loaded with new, up-and-coming hair metal bands. Valley girls talked funny, and the dudes on stage used more makeup and hairspray than the groupies.

Holy Soldier was part of that scene, where they enjoyed notable success. At one point in that era, Holy Soldier held the second largest attendance record at Gazzarri’s, a well-known Hollywood nightclub.

But their first big break came in 1989 when they inked a deal with A&M/Myrrh Records. Months later, in 1990, Holy Soldier blasted onto the world stage with a self-titled debut album that earned critical and commercial acclaim. Characterized by all the bombastic trappings of the era – big sound, infectious choruses, driving rhythms, and (of course) lots and lots of hairspray – the group was suddenly one of the most talked about bands in Christian Music.

The lead vocalist, Stephen Patrick, was one of the best glam metal frontmen of his day, and his distinctive sound gave Holy Soldier’s above average lyrics a unique voice. Jamie Cramer and Michael Cutting provided plenty of shredding licks with dueling axes, while Andy Robbins (bass) and Terry Russell (drums) gave the album a solid, satisfying foundation.

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Holy Soldier

“Holy Soldier” SONGS:

1. Stranger
2. See No Evil
3. The Pain Inside of Me
4. Cry Out for Love
5. Tear Down the Walls
6. When the Reign Comes Down
7. Lies
8. Eyes of Innocence
9. Love Me
10. We Are Young, We Are Strong