HOLY SOLDIER – Last Train – Full Album


After earning critical and commercial acclaim for their 1990 self-titled debut album, Holy Soldier returned in 1992 with Last Train. Though the album failed to achieve the same monetary success of it predecessor, most fans and critics agree that it was a better, more mature project. The improved song writing, structure, and overall musicianship is notable, with the band sounding tighter and more cohesive.

Last Train provided plenty of catchy, sing-along choruses, and moments of aggression more intense than anything on the first disc. Stephen Patrick sounds fantastic, with some of the best, most impassioned deliveries of his career.

The listener might hear similarities to Cinderella, Slaughter, White Lion, Firehouse, and perhaps Skid Row. But the album is strong enough to stand on its own, without a need for such comparisons.

Unfortunately, Last Train was released at a time when the entire landscape or Rock-n-Roll was changing, and as good as it was, it couldn’t overcome the Grunge tidal wave that washed it into virtual obsolescence.

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Holy Soldier - Last Train

“Last Train” SONGS:

1. Virtue & Vice
2. Crazy
3. Hallow’s Eve
4. Gimme Shelter
5. Love Is On The Way
6. Dead End Drive
7. Tuesday Mourning
8. Fairweather Friend
9. Last Train