FAMILY FORCE 5 – Business Up Front, Party In The Back – Full Album


In 2005 Family Force 5, the Christian Kings of “Crunk Rock,” released their debut CD, Business Up Front, Party In The Back. The album and accompanying tour bomb shelled their audiences with breathless energy and an onslaught of feverish funk. This video features the entire “Diamond Edition” release, which included 3 extra, bonus tracks.

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Family Force 5 – Business Front - Party Back

“Diamond Edition” cover:
Family Force 5 - Diamond Edition

“Business Up Front, Party In The Back (Diamond Edition)” SONGS:

1. Cadillac Phunque
2. Kountry Gentleman
3. X-Girlfriend
4. Drama Queen
5. Put Ur Hands Up
6. Love Addict
7. Earthquake
8. Replace Me
9. Lose Urself
10. Peachy
11. Supersonic
12. Numb
13. I Love You to Death (Bonus Track)
14. Face Down (Bonus Track)
15. Never Let Me Go (Bonus Track)