BLOODGOOD – Alive in America – Live – Full DVD


In 1990 the Metal Missionaries, Bloodgood, released a LIVE concert on CD and VHS. The concert was more of a Rock Opera than a typical rock-n-roll show, and it was broken into two separate installments called, Alive in America, Volume 1 and Shakin’ the World, Volume 2. The event included songs from the band’s first four albums, Bloodgood, Detonation, Rock in a Hard Place, and Out of the Darkness.

To my knowledge, this concert was never available on DVD until it was released by the band in 2002 or 2003. This private release was a Double DVD set recorded directly from the original VHS, and it was renamed Bloodgood Rock Theatre.

The YouTube clip above is the full-length Alive in America, Volume 1 video. You can watch the full-length Shakin’ the World, Volume 2 DVD here.

Unfortunately, much of the picture and sound quality has been lost in the YouTube conversion/compression process. So if you’d like to see the video in the highest quality possible, you might consider purchasing the original DVD directly from the band here:

Did you ever see a LIVE Bloodgood show? What’s YOUR favorite Bloodgood song and/or memories? Let me know in the comments section below.

Bloodgood Rock Theater 1

Bloodgood Rock Theater 2

“Alive in America, Vol. 1” SONGS:

Scene I
Out Of The Darkness
Do Or Die
It’s Alright
Scene II
Let My People Go
Top Of The Mountain
Mad Dog World
Scene III
Hey You!
Alone In Suicide
She’s Gone
Scene IV
Heaven On Earth
Shakin’ It
Soldier Of Peace