BELIEVER – Dimensions – Full Album


Dimensions, released in 1993, was the third album by the Christian progressive thrash band, Believer. And it is an absolute masterpiece. It received wide acclaim from Christian and secular critics alike.

The album’s final song, “Trilogy of Knowledge,” is split into four distinct parts discussing the life of Jesus Christ. The lyrics recount Biblical events while the mix features operatic vocals, orchestral instruments, strings, acoustic guitars, distorted guitars, and more. Bachman includes everything but the kitchen sink, and it all works amazingly well.

In his book Mean Deviation: Four Decades of Progressive Heavy Metal, Jeff Wagner stated, “as tech metal albums go, Dimensions is a masterpiece of frigid guitar tones, warped riffs, and constant tempo changes,” and “with Dimensions, Believer had borne a dense, challenging monolith of progressive metal that has few equals, even years later.”

In 2005 the founder/editor of The Phantom Tollbooth, Tom MacMillan, declared that, “Believer’s last offering to the musical world proved a metal classic” and “Dimensions is one of the greatest progressive metal albums of all time.” Rating the album 5 out of 5, MacMillan wrote:

Believer were masters at molding emotion and developing mood in songwriting. Immediately, the band stands out. The vocals are excellent, well-performed, and not as unpleasant as one might think growling to be. The lead guitar parts, performed by Kurt Bachman, are amazing; unrestrained without being pompous. Jim Winters matches the skill and precision of Bachman in a similar way with his bass guitar. Source

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Believer - Dimensions

Alternative R.E.X. album cover.
Believer - Dimensions - R.E.X.

“Dimensions” SONGS:

1. Gone
2. Future Mind
3. Dimentia
4. What Is But Cannot Be
5. Singularity
6. No Apology
7. Trilogy of Knowledge: Intro: The Birth
8. Trilogy of Knowledge: Movement I: The Lie
9. Trilogy of Knowledge: Movement II: The Truth
10. Trilogy of Knowledge: Movement III: The Key