BARREN CROSS – Atomic Arena – Full Album


If you were creating a list of essential bands that defined the essence of 80s Christian Metal, Barren Cross would have to be somewhere near the top.

They were dirtier and trashier than the uber-polished acts (like Stryper). And while Mike Lee didn’t have the soaring vocal chops of some other metal frontmen, he definitely made up for it with grit and aggression.

Add to that a band (Jim LaVerde, Ray Parris, and Steve Whittaker) that always played raw, full-throttle metal… and it was a combination with wide crossover appeal. In fact, Barren Cross sold far more records on secular labels (Enigma and Medusa) than they ever did on Star Song.

Atomic Arena is probably my favorite Barren Cross release. There were bright moments on their other records too, but Atomic Arena probably graces my speakers more than all the others combined.

If you’d like to add some Barren Cross music to your collection, have a look at their official Music Store.

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“Atomic Arena” SONGS:

1. Imaginary Music
2. Killers Of The Unborn
3. In The Eye Of The Fire
4. Terrorist Child
5. Close To The Edge
6. Dead Lock
7. Cultic Regimes
8. Heaven Or Nothing
9. King Of Kings
10. Living Dead