STRYPER – Live in Japan 1985 – FULL DVD


Brace yourself guys… Can you handle the glam and glitz of Stryper circa 1985? They had the hair teased to towering heights and the makeup caked on like Tammy Faye Bakker. But they rocked Christendom with a brand new metal sound and they paved the way for so many other up-and-coming bands.

This footage was recorded in Tokyo, Japan in 1985 and it was part of their debut Soldiers Under Command world tour. The concert was released by Enigma on VHS and, to my knowledge, was never officially released on DVD. Several VHS-to-DVD bootlegs do exist however.

According to the Stryper Discography page on Wikipedia, the VHS release sold well and was certified Gold and Platinum.

What are YOUR favorite Stryper songs and memories? Let me know in the comments section below.

Stryper Live in Japan DVD -Front-

Stryper Live in Japan DVD -Back-

“Live in Japan 1985” SONGS:

1. Make Me Wanna Sing
2. Loud And Clear
3. From Wrong To Right
4. You Know What To Do
5. Surrender
6. Together Forever
7. First Love
8. Loving You
9. Soldiers Under Command
10. Co’mon Rock
11. Battle Hymn Of The Republic