STRYPER – In God We Trust – Full Album


This is Stryper’s iconic fourth album – in its entirety. Released in 1988 and riding on the MTV success of To Hell With the Devil, In God We Trust was more pop-leaning and radio-friendly. As a result, many critics and fans considered the album to be overproduced and too commercial. But now, nearly 30 years later, the instrumentation sounds clean and the vocal harmonies are still pitch perfect.

While sales of In God We Trust did not match the previous record, To Hell With the Devil, the album was still certified Gold with well over half a million units sold.

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Stryper - In God We Trust

“In God We Trust” SONGS:

1. In God We Trust
2. Always There for You
3. Keep the Fire Burning
4. I Believe in You
5. The Writings on the Wall
6. It’s Up 2 U
7. The World of You and I
8. Come to the Everlife
9. Lonely
10. The Reign