SILOAM – Sweet Destiny – Full Album


1991 marked a cataclysmic shift in rock music. In September of that year, Nirvana released it first record, Nevermind, and the Earth twisted on its axis. Within a few short months “Smells Like Teen Spirit” owned the airwaves and suddenly every 80s hair band sounded old and obsolete.

But the industry never saw it coming. Pretty Boy rock bands were the new normal, and most thought the 90s would sound very much like the 80s. As a result, many GREAT bands were launched in 1990 and 1991, only to experience dwindling popularity and sluggish sales in the years to come.

Siloam was one of those bands. Their sound was a solid blend of melodic hard rock and commercial arena metal. Bright and clean. Polished and shiny. Sweet Destiny moves effortlessly from front to back and includes no filler tracks to weigh down the experience. It’s energetic, thoughtful, and well executed from the first note to the last.

Fans of hard rock / metal acts like Stryper, Holy Soldier, Guardian, Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, and Bloodgood will certainly enjoy Sweet Destiny.

If you’d like to add Sweet Destiny to your collection, the CD is available on this Amazon page.

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Siloam - Sweet Destiny

“Sweet Destiny” SONGS:

01. Here I Am Again
02. Miss Lizzy
03. Child Of Mine
04. Chemical King (Big Fight)
05. Eastern Skies
06. Deceiver
07. After The Fire
08. Lethal Lady
09. Sweet Destiny
10. Decent Souls