SACRED WARRIOR – 1987 Demo – Full Album


Sacred Warrior is often considered one of the best metal bands in Christian Music history. Often compared to mainstream acts like to Iron Maiden and Queensrÿche, Sacred Warrior produced feverish speed metal with screaming guitar licks and stratospheric vocals.

This 1987 Demo proves that everyone has to start somewhere. Every time I hear it, I’m astounded that they went on to become metal masters. The production is absolutely horrible. The spoken voice intro is laughably corny. And well… it’s just terrible. BUT! The band managed to push through its awkward adolescence and went on to achieve greatness. And as it turned out, two of the songs on this demo (“Heavens are Calling” and Master of Lies”) were later included on their legendary debut album.

“Nailed Down” and “Spiritual Warfare” were never remade, which is a shame. It would have been interesting to hear those songs in pristine, professional glory.

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Sacred Warrior – 1987 Demo

“1987 Demo” SONGS:

1. Intro
2. Heavens Are Calling
3. Nailed Down
4. Master Of Lies
5. Instrumental
6. Spiritual Warfare